Gnome Inspections, LLC
Proudly serving Tampa Bay and surrounding areas
  • 4 point inspections- Many insurance companies require this before writing you a homeowner's policy. It is a specific set of observations of the roof, electrical , plumbing and HVAC systems that helps them determine the condition of your home. Ask your insurance company if you require this, we can perform it at the time of your inspection at a reduced fee.
  • Wind Mitigation Inspections- SAVE MONEY on your homeowner's insurance.  You can save hundreds of dollars or more if you can show your insurance company your home meets certain weather resistant standards.  Ask us for details.
  • Pool/spa inspections- though part of many home purchases, it the pool is outside the scope of the standard home inspection.  Add peace of mind by having us look at this system too!
  • Commercial inspections- we check the same systems in commercial properties as well.
  • Pre-sale inspections- Looking to sell your home?  Why be surprised after an offer comes in with a major repair?  We will inspect your home the same way for you as we would a buyer, letting you know what needs repaired so there are no surprises and preventing closing delays.
  • Apartment move-in inspections- You will have to do one.  Don't do it alone.  We'll help save your deposit when it is time to move out by helping you identify deficiencies  move in so you aren't charged for it later.
  • New construction monitoring-We can be another set of eyes on your new home construction.  This is a custom service which we can plan together to give you the added assurance your home will be everything you specified.
  • Home Warranty Walk thru-Have a warranty walk thru coming up?  Let us take a look first and you'll have a great idea what to ask the builder to  look at.